1. Organize meetings and projects enhancing the quality of the conservation of cultural heritage.
  2. Develop and use methodologies for the promotion of prevention activities for conservation and develop in the general public the sensibility for the importance of cultural heritage.
  3. Promote activities of formation and information for professionals, students and citizen.
  4. Promote the role of young professionals, researchers and students in the field of conservation and protection of cultural heritage, collecting the experiences developed by them.
  5. Matching senior conservators with junior professionals
  6. Promote a discussion on the job market of youth in the interdisciplinary heritage sector.
  7. Perform interventions for heritage protection worldwide.
  8. Start activities for the development of professions in the heritage sector, for professional update and in order to share knowledge.
  9. Discuss national and international trends in education concerning the sector.
  10. Analyse and promote investment in the heritage sector.
  11. Collect, study and spread information concerning scientific, technical end ethical problems relative to conservation and restoration.
  12. Coordinate, stimulate, promote and start studies and research in the sector.
  13. Start experiences of participation, sharing and support worldwide, including developing countries, where difficult or emergency situations occur, concerning conservation or promotion of cultural heritage or public welfare.

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