News about YOCOCU 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

YOCOCU on line can not be the spirit of YOCOCU community.

The YOCOCU conference is not only an opportunity for sharingprofessional and research experiences but also a chance to increase personalcontacts, develop together new ways of contributing to the conservation ofcultural heritage, and embrace new views and cultures. We have been awaiting forencouraging news about the evolution of COVID pandemic until the last minute inorder to take the best decision. Unfortunately, news in the world today is notencouraging.

For this reason, YOCOCU 2020 will achieve its goals using thefollowing innovative formula:

1) All those who are interested in participating shall submitan abstract by September 30th 2020. Those who have already contributed their abstractor video by February 26 are not required to provide any additionaldocumentation. After receipt of the notification of acceptance (afterSeptember 30th 2020) participants must submit their contribution inthe form of a 5-minutes video presentation (deadline: 14 October 2020),including the title, their name, affiliation and the research carried out. Allvideos will be available on the conference website, sub-divided by topic.

2) The conference will be developed over two days (3-4 November 2020) and will beorganized as follows: lectures followed by a “walk the talk” space ona specific conference topic. Those who have submitted their abstracts will beasked to participate in the discussion but not to present their work.

3) The participants have the opportunity to publish on the YOCOCU 2020 Journals (link), iftheir contribution will fulfill the requirements of YOCOCU 2020 Journals standards.

Thank you for patience andcollaboration,

The Chairs and the Organizing and Scientific Committees


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