Andrea Macchia
Yococu Italy
Andrea is a Conservation Scientist (Syremont S.p.a), with a PhD in Applied Science to the Protection of Environment and Cultural Heritage. Macchia’s research activities are focused to the application of chemistry to the conservation of Cultural Heritage, in particular: a) studies about degration phenomena and new methods to the conservation of inorganic materials; b) new nano systems for the cultural heritage conservation. Currently, he is developing a research aimed at studying new consolidants and nano-antifouling materials for underwater stone structures. Moreover, Macchia’s interests cover the public understanding of science. Macchia is author of several articles (more 40) on national and international journal, proceedings of conference and book editor.
Simone Cagno
YOCOCU Belgium
PhD in Chemistry obtained in 2012 at the University of Antwerp on analysis of ancient glass and study of its degradation. Over 20 papers published on peer-reviewed journals on glass archaeometry and conservation. Further reseach interests: paintings and archaeological wood. 494 844517
Natalia Perez Ema
Yococu Spain
Archaeologist and restorer, specialized in conservationand restoration of archaeological sites and objects. - BA in History (Major: Archaeology). Autonoma University (UAM), Madrid. - Diploma in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (Archaeology), School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, Madrid (ESCRBC) - MA in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage , Autonoma University (UAM), Madrid. - PhD Fellowship at CEI Campus Moncloa. PhD in Conservation and Restoration of Building Heritage. Polytechnic University (UPM). Faculty of Architecture (ETSAM), and Institute of Geosciences (CSIC, UCM), Madrid
Pilar Rubiales
Yococu Spain
Young professional with a degree in Fine Arts and specialized in Conservation/ Restoration of Contemporary Art. She has worked in several cultural institutions and museums such as the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and MNCARS (Madrid, Spain). Nowadays, she is involved in different projects, all related with the culture field as well as She has created a pair of brands for illustration and furniture restoration. 646 95 39
Majda Begic
YOCOCU Croatia
Majda is employed in the Croatian Conservation Institute in department of paper She is graduated in "Istituto Italiano arte e artiginato e restauro " Roma, Italy. Master's degree attained at the "Academy of Fine arts" in Zagreb, Croatia. She had official state examination in the restoration and conservation of paper materials. Internship for paper materials she did in " Opificio delle Pietre dure" in Florence, Italy.
Ioan Paul Colta
YOCOCU Romania
Painting Conservator-Restorer at Complexul Muzeal Arad (Romania)
+40 740307464 colta86@gmail.com
Filip Adrian Petcu
YOCOCU Romania
Painting Conservator-Restorer Teaching Asistant, PhD at Conservation-Restoration Dept. of the Faculty of Arts and Design, West University of Timisoara (Romania) 524 271
farizk halilli
YOOCCU Azerbaijan
Historian, archaeologist. Chairman of MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage 100 scientific articles and thesis in Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian, Norwegian and Arabic languages were published. Participated closely in preparation of scientific expositions of National Museum of History of Azerbaijan for 2004-2008 and Shamakhi History and Local Lore Museum for 2009, elaboration of exhibition halls on 3, 4, 5th excavation sites of Medieval Agsu Town Archaeological Tourism Complex. He passed a museum experience in Stavanger City of Norwegian Kingdom in June, 2006. Fariz Khalilli worked out a catalogue of Shamakhi History and Local Lore Museum in two languages (Azerbaijani and English languages) and published it in 2009. Prepared three-volume book-album “Medieval Agsu town” with Prof. Gafar Jabiyev on archaeological explorations in Medieval Agsu Town.
Ugur Genc
He is a Researcher-Conservator at the Istanbul Restoration and Conservation and Regional Laboratory İN Turkey. He graduated cultural artifacts Conservation-Restoration and art history and specialized in conservationand restoration of archaeological sites and objects. he has published especially metal conservation and archaeometry studies. He organizes experimental history and artifact conservation and restoration workshops at international symposiums every year. 212 5270219ğurgenç