Lab YOCOCU, Via delle Tre Fontane (Roma) + Piattaforma Zoom

09/06/2022 – 15/06/2022

Can you effectively communicate your expertise or your researches result?

Can you define the main ideas and messages to better organize your communication?

WHO AM I is the workshop organized by YOCOCU APS for its Members and one of their friends dedicated to personal branding and communication, through two live workshops, and can be also attended online



Public speaking

Maria Raffaella Pisanu

Public Speaking experience:

Introduce yourself

Use of non-verbal communication and body language



Soft Skills

Sante Dotto

Management of emotions, conflicts, problems, complexity

Free course. Registration is required by 05/06/2022.

A certificate of participation will be issued.

Info & Contacts: info(at)yococu.com