Become a YOCOCU National Office!

Are you a group of professionals, students or experts in cultural heritage?

Are you a community coming from an international master or project?

Are you a public or private organization?

Are you simply interesting to contribute to cultural heritage, to promote the action realized in your country about cultural heritage promotion and/or conservation, or do you want to have a unique opportunity to make your voice heard, to exchange methods, experiences and expertise in an international context?


Join YOCOCU network and become a YOCOCU National Office or a YOCOCU Partner in your country!


You had to complete a simple form (available here: in which you will describe your group, the topic and others info about the possible activities to realize thanks to YOCOCU. We have outlined a few easy actions you can take to start engaging with YOCOCU but we want also to listen your needs and ideas.

Get YOCOCU support to accelerate your voice and your contribution to cultural heritage but in particular to realize a collaborative approach for the researches, training, projects and the innovation through a common vision and strategy


YOCOCU Partner organization will have to be agreed to:

  • Promote YOCOCU objectives and activities;
  • Define with YOCOCU Italy a common strategy to promote YOCOCU role in your country and your role in the international environment;
  • Keep YOCOCU informed about your plans and activities in support of the campaign’s objective;


Benefits include, but are not limited, to acquiring access to a large network of professionals and institutions that can deliver a flexible array of services for the promotion and the conservation of cultural heritage.


YOCOCU will give you:

  • assistance and capacity building
  • knowledge products to fill information gaps (for examples about green products and urban art conservation)
  • opportunities for knowledge sharing and learning 
  • increasing access to information and building a peer community


For questions about joining the “YOCOCU Partner Program”, please contact: