Creativity and Innovation in the Cultural Heritage sector

Dedicated to all students interested in the world of conservation and enhancement of the cultural heritage (restoration, architecture, archaeology… but also physics, chemistry), to workers in the cultural heritage sector who are currently unemployed. 


Free and unlimited access to YOCOCU LIBRARY: consult materials (videos, recordings, publications and scientific contributions) on the world of restoration, conservation, diagnostics, art and archaeology and applied sciences for cultural heritage.  Get your password upon registration and start browsing!

Privileged access Events

A front row seat: priority booking for YOCOCU courses and activities

Discounts on registration fees for courses and events.

Inclusion on the members’ mailing list: receive advance information on new programmes and initiatives.

Discounts for products, equipment, volumes

Discounts ranging from 5 to 15% to buy books, texts, materials and products.

Individual Advocacy

Internship opportunities: thanks to the network of organisations, universities and public and private entities, in Italy and abroad, you will be guided and supported, day after day, by one of our tutors to structure your own research or professionalism. You will be able to use instruments and acquire skills by working on exhibits and in a truly interdisciplinary group.

Support for the development of university theses and scientific research: YOCOCU brings together and connects experts in the field of science and cultural heritage, university lecturers and representatives of major national and international institutions, enabling you to overcome any difficulties you may encounter during your studies and to validate your experiments, after the laboratory phase, on artefacts of historical and artistic interest. Finally, YOCOCU has its own insurance policy, which makes it the perfect place to activate curricular and extracurricular activities with the platforms used by universities, such as Jobsoul…..

You can participate in the organisation of YOCOCU’s national and international conferences and publish your research in affiliated journals or propose your own book through agreements with our publishers.

Open LAB

Enter in a real diagnostics and restoration laboratory: watch, study and use sophisticated instrumentation and new technologies to carry out investigations and restoration work in the cultural heritage sector.

Become a protagonist: participate at first hand in our events and in the activities of investigation, experimentation and research, in collaboration with national and international partners.

Green alternative

If you are interested in having a GREEN approach in your business YOCOCU can help you find the ideal solution for you and answer your question by sending or proposing the alternative green solution.

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