New international agreement between YOCOCU and West University of Timișoara, Faculty of Arts and Design, CR-CERC; International Course Green Methods and products for restoration and cultural heritage 27-28 September 2021

The 30th of July 2021 a new international agreement was signed between YOCOCU and West University of Timișoara, Faculty of Arts and Design, CR-CERC (Regional Center for Research and Competence in Conservation and Restoration).
Tcthrough the development of cultural and educational programs, within the framework of a broader international context. The main objective of the agreement is to stimulate educational, scientific and research activities, organize joint workshops and seminars; publish joint scientific and artistic works; and for exchange of publications.
The first activity planned following this agreement will be the “International Symposium: Image Resources and Technologies. Art Conservation and Cultural Heritage Studies”, organized by the Faculty of Arts and Design of the West University of Timișoara, CR-CERC Regional Center for Research and Expertise in Conservation and Restoration from 27-28 September 2021. The event aims to bring together visual artist, researchers in the field of cultural heritage and experts in the filds of sciences, which will exchange and share their experiences through personal projects os case studies regarding various research subjects conucted indiviidually or as a team. the deadline for registration to the event as well ad the call for papers and posters is 8th of september. 

The main subjects of discussion are the following:

implication of new technologies and software in the  preliminary documentation process  for the conservation and restoration of
artistic heritage

analytical methods for material investigation

research by the means of inter and multidisciplinary methods

presentation of case studies and the application of innovative methodologies in
the field of art conservation

in  artistic heritage conservation and
visual artistic practices  

Poster Size 70 x100 cm. Submission just until 8th of September

For the submission of the Poster, download  the  following template  

From 27th to 28th of September in the Faculty of Arts and Design Will take place the “Intense Laboratory Course: Green methods and products for the restoration of cultural heritage”.

The aim of the course is to give insight into use of these materials and methods by professionals, especially restorers, to:
a) observe the applicability, efficiency and effectiveness of the green solutions;
b) discuss the advantages and limitations together with the developers.
The course will share and communicate the results produced by the research on “green cleaning” through a on line and face to face workshop where participants can understand but also see, touch the proposed green solutions. The course will allow to define alternative materials and methods already available for use in restoration, which are characterized by low or no toxicity towards the environment and the operator.
Starting from the basic of chemistry applied to the conservation of cultural heritage, the course hugs the problems to clean the surface in painting, to speak about the cost / benefit ratio that the various planning and strategic choices require. Based on analytical problem- solving and hands-on work case studies, the seminar combines scientific knowledge with conservation experience, developing in the participant a depth knowledge of the products and of the green approach to the conservation of cultural heritage.
Registration fee: no fee
How to participate: send email silvia.trion@e-uvt.rFaculty of Arts and Design, Oituz nr.4, National Art Museum Timișoara, Piața Unirii nr. 1

27 septembrie
8.30-9.00 Welcome
9.00-11.00 Investigațiile privind diagnoza patrimoniului cultural: primul pas spre a deveni green
Mauro Francesco La Russa Universitatea din Calabria Curs On-line
11.00-13.00 Alegerea solvenților verzi. Produse inovatoare ale chimiei verzi Andrea Macchia YOCOCU Față în față
14.00-16.00 Micro-emulsii și Soluții Micelare pentru Curățirea Bunurilor Culturale Baglioni Michele CSGI-Universitatea din Florența Curs On- line
16.00-18.00 Biotehnologiile ca sisteme aplicate în restaurarea patrimoniului cultural Chiara Alisi ENEA- Agenția Națională a Noilor Tehnologii, Energie și Sustenabilitate în Dezvoltarea Economică Față în față

28 septembrie
9.00-18.00 Laborator live: Activități pentru testarea produselor și materialelor cu Restauratori YOCOCU-Enea YOCOCU-Enea Față în față

Last but not Least in the same project will be a call for entry  for Micro Maps 


Faculty of  Arts and Design, West University Timișoara

Regional Centre for Research and Expertise in Conservation and

National Art Museum Timișoara 

Deadline: september 15, 2021


MicroMaps proposes  an artistic research idea, centered around
image exploration through the use of optical microscopy, digital and
alternative photographic experiments.

visual perspective, found on a macro and microscopic  scale, can reveal,
to the researcher, new universes with an independent form and identity. 
The sources of those intricate maps can be anything from the complexity of the
organic world, the policromy of an artwork or the surfaces of everyday objects.
A macro lens captures the structure,  colours and textures of the organic
world, while the role of photomicrography  remains a tool for research in
more scientific fields, and can offer information on a structural level.

project is open for students, visual artists, art conservators and researchers
in the field of cultural heritage which are invited to present their
photography projects dedicated to the urban space, cultural heritage and
natural world.

 The works will be sent via the following e-mail adress

For additional info you can contact the project coordinator on the same
e-mail address, or by  accessing the
following link: