Stage: communication in YOCOCU

The internship aims to provide the participant with an opportunity to apply his or her ideas and skills in defining the communication and promotion strategies of the YOCOCU APS organization. The activity will focus on YOCOCU APS with the Cultural Heritage sector as the target audience. The objective will be drafting and developing a communication plan involving different tools already present in the organization such as social media, website…  The intern will also be included in the organization of YOCOCU APS’ national and international events to acquire skills in planning and managing a meeting, a convention, and organizing professional courses.

Internship Duration: 300 Hours

Location: preferably Rome

Monthly expense reimbursement (EURO): 300.00

Any notes and additions: only candidates who at the interview stage have already prepared a communication plan on which to set the promotion and communication activities of YOCOCU APS and/or modify existing material will be evaluated. Such a plan should be developed based on information inferable on the web about YOCOCU APS, such as from the website:, social…. For any data needs you can write to

For who? Graduates or undergraduates in disciplines related to Communication, Media and Cultural Industry or graduates in the cultural heritage sector interested in such specializations.

Interested candidates can contact YOCOCU APS by September 30, 2020 by simply writing an email to with their CV attached.

Position also open on Job Soul Sapienza University.