Andrea Macchia

Andrea is a Conservation Scientist with a PhD in Applied Sciences for Environmental Protection and Cultural Heritage Conservation. Founder of the YOCOCU network and international organisation, he develops his research activity in the following areas: stone materials; nano-technologies; sustainable restoration; protection of submerged archaeological structures; dissemination of science. Author of more than 50 contributions on national and international journals.

Laura Rivaroli

Restorer graduated from I.S.C.R. Istituto Centrale per il Restauro e la Conservazione dei Beni Culturali in 2009. I work as a freelancer for public and private bodies and institutes. Specialised in ceramic materials, metals, glass, poly-material and organic materials from excavations. Lecturer in several courses dedicated to first aid from archaeological excavation and restoration.

Vincenza Ferrara
Member of the board

Director of the Art and Medical Humanities laboratory at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine, University of Rome Sapienza. Expert in technologies for the enhancement of cultural heritage, the use of cultural heritage in learning environments. Responsible for several national and international projects, author of publications and communications in conference proceedings, coordinates a research group for the application of the Visual Thinking Strategies method, cultural heritage as a tool for learning, for training in the medical and health professions, for educational activities in schools and museums.

Fernanda Prestileo
Member of the board

PhD in Environmental Sciences (2000) and PhD in Conservation of Cultural Heritage (1996). Since 1996 she has been continuously involved in research, study and teaching on issues relating to: degradation, state of conservation and technical-analytical and historical-critical aspects of the materials making up works of historical-artistic interest, with particular reference to stone and paintings (murals, panels and canvases); environmental analysis of cultural sites. She joined the ranks of the PA in November 2003. Since May 2019 she has moved to the CNR-ISAC, Tor Vergata Research Area, Rome. She is a member of the UNI-Beni Culturali sub-commission, in the Working Groups "GL1/Linee guida e Terminologia", "GL4/ambiente", "GL14/Illuminazione e Beni Culturali". Author/co-author of more than 100 publications in books, national and international journals, conference proceedings as well as editor of books on conservation and diagnostics.

Roberta Basile
Member of the board

Master Architect, qualified as Researcher Expert in Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials for Cultural Heritage.
and Nanomaterials for Cultural Heritage. As well as working as a freelance professional, he is a researcher in the
department of innovative materials at I.E.ME.S.T.
In recent years he has acquired skills in writing, managing and monitoring European projects.
He is currently a member of the internationalisation office of the Ecodomus district, which operates in the field of Green Sustainable Building.
Green Sustainable Building.

Paola Moretti
Member of the board

In 2007 he obtained a three-year degree in Applied Sciences for Cultural Heritage and Diagnostics for their Conservation at the
conservation at the University La Sapienza of Rome (L41). In 2009 he obtained the qualification of Technician of
Restoration in paintings on canvas, wood, polychrome wooden works, stone, frescoes and wall paintings at the Ars Labor Institute in Rome and in 2013 he obtained the degree in Conservation and Diagnostics of Cultural Heritage in Interateneo
(University of Ferrara - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia - LM11).
The training allows to work both as Conservation Scientist and as Restoration Technician in the
as a restoration technician in the national field for public and private organisations. Participates in teaching activities at the Department of Cultural Heritage of
Bologna, Ravenna branch, also collaborating with Jiao Tong University in Shanghai.
Thanks to her meeting with YOCOCU, she has been able to deepen and broaden her knowledge of
in the field of Cultural Heritage, particularly in experiments relating to the conservation of Street Art, as well as in formulating
Street Art as well as in the formulation of diagnostic, restoration and green conservation projects on ancient and contemporary works.
conservation of ancient and contemporary works.

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