Questions & Topics


  1. Pardon me. Are you applying any green strategy or product?
  2. Cultural services and culture for inclusive cities: is it today a challenge or trend?
  3. What is the weight of analytical investigations in the restoration and citizen enjoyment of Cultural Heritage?
  4. Conservation of Urban Art: does it still make sense?
  5. Virtual restoration and virtual reconstruction of Cultural Heritage vs restoration of the artwork. Is treatment still necessary or can it be replaced by virtual reconstructions?
  6. Conservation of Digital Art: who must take care of it? Is the restorer the most appropriate professional for this task?
  7. Analytical investigation applied to Cultural Heritage: secondary surplus or a guide for the conservation process?
  8. Can Cultural Heritage professionals help promoting and recognition of the potential of Cultural Heritage for improving society?


Conference topics

The questions include the following topics:

  • Experiences in the museum.
  • Traditional and innovative products in terms of methodologies and materials for the conservation of Cultural Heritage.
  • New strategies in conservation and valorization of archaeological sites and buildings.
  • Conservation of Urban Art and other modern materials through specific chemical products.
  • Strategies for the conservation of Digital Art.
  • Interpretation and presentation of Cultural Heritage (exhibition design).
  • Entertainment for education, storytelling, and Cultural Heritage.
  • Analytical strategies to guide the conservation of Cultural Heritage.
  • Risk assessment for the protection of Cultural Heritage from disasters.