The plan of the Colosseum, the colors of a distant land. These are the details that reveal our history. 

In 2008 in Rome, a group of young professionals in the field of science applied to cultural heritage, decided to create a network: Youth in COnservation of CUltural Heritage, know by all as YOCOCU. A name between the cacophonic and the playful, bordering on Dadaism, which hides, in reality, a revolution in the role and way of seeing cultural heritage as a unique entity in all the cultures conveyed. 


In 2014, in Azerbaijan, it was decided to transform, or rather strucuture, the strenght of YOCOCU: the YOCOCU organization was born, based in Italy and national offices in several European and non-european countries

To remember these moments, the YOCOCU logo was born. Not a simple graphic, but a signature, a symbol of the creative spark that has always distinguished us and keeps inside it the two most important moments of our life.