YOCOCU (YOuth in COnservation of CUltural Heritage) is a social promotion association that brings together experts and young professionals, students and researchers in the field of cultural heritage conservation. It was founded in Rome, but subsequently the aim of protecting and enhancing cultural heritage is also shared internationally. Thus allowing the association to expand and act in different countries around the world.


YOCOCU promotes the conservation and enhancement of the artistic heritage in its many forms. Where necessary, it intervenes through its diagnostic and consulting services, with the development of innovative ad hoc solutions, with the aim of a more susteinable conservation of cultural heritage. 

Through its numerous activities, it facilitates the exchange and sharing of experiences and skills between specialists in the field and younger professionals, promoting their updating according to new national and international trends.

Through the organization of events and educational activities, YOCOCU is committed to the development and promotion of science in favor of children and students: the goal is to raise awareness among young people on issues related to the conservation of cultural heritage.



The vision of the Association is to look to the past to live the present and build the future, contributing to the development of a reality in which the experience of professionals and the vision of young people are mutually enriching. The members work for a common purpose that, by combining research, creativity and innovation, aims to enhance the cultural heritage.



For YOCOCU conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage means taking into account some fundamental dimensions: research, creativity, development, exchange of expertise and sustainability. In pursuing its objectives, the guideline is always the adoption of responsible behavior with regard to both the cultural heritage, communities and the environment.


A non-profit association made up of students, professionals, university professors, experts in the field of cultural heritage, who work side by side on a daily basis, in close collaboration with the institutions that produce, preserve and enhance culture, such as museums, universities and other institutions. The goal is always unique: to generate a real revolution in the cultural heritage sector.