Andrea Macchia is a Conservation Scientist with a PhD in Applied Sciences for Environment Protection and Cultural Heritage Conservation. Founder of the YOCOCU network and international organisation, he develops his research activity in the following areas: stone materials; nano-technologies; sustainable restoration; protection of submerged archaeological structures; dissemination of science.
Fernana Prestileo is a PhD in Environmental Sciences and a conservator of Cultural Heritage. She is involved in research, study and teaching activities related to: degradation phenomena, state of conservation, technical-analytical, and historical-critical aspects related to Cultural Heritage materials, with a focus on stone materials and paintings. She is also specialized in environmental analysis of cultural sites.
Lisa Maria Schubertan is a restorer of technical objects, metals, and polymeic materials at the Museum for Communication in Frankfurt. Interested in preventive conservation and risk management for museums and collections. She takes care of YOCOCU's international projects, dealing with all the partners in Europe and outside Europe.
Fiammetta Susanna is a PhD in Archaeology in the Meditearrean Area. Collaborator at the CNR (Institute for historical studies of Mediterranean Area) focusing on both scientifical research and communication.During her PhD she studied archaeometry and started working with YOCOCU, for which she also worked as a Social Media Manager, taking care of the website and socials.
Eleonora Cerafogli is a Conservation Scientist graduated at La Sapienza University of Rome with specialization in Environmental Biology and development of green products for more sustainable conservation practices. She worked on metagenomic applied to Cultural Heritage) and then specialized in innovative methods and products with a low-impact on human helth and the environment.
Chiara Biribicchi is a restorer of Cultural Heritage with specialization in polychrome artworks (panel and canvas paintings, wooden sculptures) and modern art. She is a PhD student in Environment and Cultural Heritage with a research project focused on the development of new sustainable products to be used in conservation treatments.
Stefania Montorsi is a restorer of Cultural Heritage with a specialization in ancient and modern polychrome works of art. She is also an art historian. She collaborates in multiple projects for different museums, such as the MAXXI museum. She believes in the interdisciplinary approach to conservation, through the collaboration with professionals working in the field.
Paola Moretti is a Conservation Scientist and restoration technician of Cultural Heritage, specialized in easel and mural paintings, stone, and wooden sculptures. She collaborates in didactic activities for the University of Bologna and the Jiao Tong University of Shanghai. anks to YOCOCU, she is deepening her knowledge on Street Art conservation and Green Conservation.
Silvia Puteo is an art historian and restorer of Cultural Heritage, with specialization in paper materials. She works at Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (Rome). Her expertise focuses on degradation and conservation issues of ancient and modern paper artifacts, also carrying out didactic activities.
Mauro Francesco La Russa is a PhD in Petrography and Petrology and an Associate Pofessor at the Department of Biology, Ecology and Earth Sciences of University of Calabria. Research activitie on the origins of stone materials, diagnostic analyses and development of nanomaterials applied to Cultural Heritage.