Conservation, Restoration and Management of Archaeological Sites

Course Description and Methodology

The course “Conservation, Restoration and Management of Archaeological Sites”  adopts a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach and is designed for students and young professionals involved in the conservation and management of archaeological sites.

The focus will be on innovative and eco-friendly methods, from maintenance to treatments, applied to the conservation of ceramics materials and stone. The primary goal of the course is to provide the participants with a targeted package of knowledge that could be put into use from the very first moment, including effective conservation methodologies, and ensuring a practical understanding of appropriate repair methods and long-term management strategies.

Through lectures, discussions, laboratory sessions, demonstrations and field exercises, participants will discuss both the fundamental theories of conservation as well as consider how advances in technology and research.

Group fieldwork exercises at a worksite will provide participants with the opportunity to address actual work scenarios where multidisciplinary solutions and collaboration are required. Throughout the course, participants will be encouraged to draw upon their collective expertise from various specializations to help them arrive at more effective conservation solutions.

In content and structure, the course has been developed to address the following topics and skills as they pertain to interdisciplinary approaches to the conservation and valorisation of Agsu site.

The course is open to all but it is focused on Azerbaijan students and young professionals.

The activities will be open for thematic visits from scholar students for free, to promote the archaeological site and the conservation activities

The teachers of the course will be EU restorers, professionals and researchers in of conservation/restoration. Preference will be given to individuals belonging to the existing YOCOCU network.

Teachers: Academic and professional experts coming from various European Countries.

Location: Agsu Archaeological Site

Language: English

Accommodation: MIRAS homes

Registration fee: 80 manat

Max number of participants: 30

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5 October
9-11 Introduction to Agsu archaeological site:  form history and development to description of findings and deterioration phenomena  (Fariz Khalilli & Prof. Gafar Jabiyev)
11-12 Presentation of student groups and the course  dynamics. Planning of working groups (Shola Bayramova & Andrea Macchia).
12-13 Lunch
13-18 Pratical work: Discussion on the findings, data collection, storing and documentation (from photo acquisition to package….(Mamed Ragimov, Laura Rivaroli, Marta Caroselli, Silvio Ruffolo, Andrea Macchia)
18-18.30 Discussion about the activities
6 October
9-13 Ceramic materials:Mechanisms of decay: case studies  (Ugur Genc)Principles of restoration and the first aid: case studies (Laura Rivaroli)
14-18 Practical work:  Restoration laboratory  (Laura Rivaroli)
18-18.30 Conclusions of the day
7 October
9-18 Practical work:  Restoration laboratory  (Laura Rivaroli and Ugur Genc)
18.30-19 Conclusions of the day
8 October
9-11 Stone materials:Mechanisms of decay: case studies  (Andrea Macchia and Silvestro Antonio Ruffolo). The explanation will be supported by chemical experiments.Principles of restoration and the first aid: case studies (Marta Caroselli)
14-16 In situ lession: New method to the conservation of mud brick.
16-18 Practical work:  Restoration laboratory  (Marta Caroselli, Andrea Macchia and Silvestro Antonio Ruffolo)
18-18.30 Conclusions of the day
9-13 Management of archaeological sites and cultural heritage. Planning and selection of conservation interventions: the interface between management and conservation strategies (Alvaro Higueras)
14-17 Discussion of  group thesis
17-18 Certificate session
18- Departure                                                                                                                      

Lunch time:13-14

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