EnviRISK Heritage 2021 – Conference

The impact of environmental pollution on Seismic Risk of Architectural and Archeological Heritage

10-11 November 2021

Zoom Plattform


The possible synergy between seismic events and environmental pollution can determine conditions of increased risk for the historical and archaeological buildings and for the cultural sites. Generally, we speak of vulnerability and weakness in the case of earthquakes: it should be interesting to know how much to this weakness the chemical degradation due to environmental pollution contributes. This precious knowledge could be obtained by big data system and by experimental activities, national and international collaborations, and agreements and it could rich the risk seismic modelling applied to the cultural heritage. The effect of a seismic event is complex but certainly the chemical degradation and the alteration of the composition give a meaning support to the destruction of the matter, to its fractures, disconnections, and expulsions  and probably worsening the relative effects.


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Heritage EnviRISK 2021 is a focus about  this theme apeaking about the following topics:

-Interaction between Environmental pollution and effects of seismic events on cultural heritage;

-Seismic vulnerability and risk assessment of the materials of cultural heritage(stone, cellulosic, metals…..)

-Innovative Materials and Technologies applied to reduce the effect of seismic events on cultural heritage

-Best practices to reduce the loss of Heritage in Seismic Areas and after the seismic event

-Evaluation of Seismic Risk


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Publication of proceedings:  in progress

Venue: Zoom Plattform


For info: info@yococu.com

Luigi Campanella – Sapienza, University of Rome
Scientific Committee
Marta C. Lourenco, University of Lisbon
Sebastien Soubiran, University of Strasbourg
Antonella Casoli, University of Parma
Lucia Toniolo, University of Milano Polimi CMIC
Armandodoriano Bianco, University of Sapienza
Fariz Khalilli, Azerbaijan