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2nd International Conference, 16th-18th November 2017

Organized by:

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Abstracts can be submitted online only, using this format

  1. Abstracts submitted via fax or email will not be accepted.
  2. All abstracts must be submitted and presented in English.
  3. Abstracts must be well written and easy to understand.
  4. Approval of all co-authors must be obtained before placing their names on the abstract.
  5. You may submit as many abstracts as you like.
  6. The reason for the study or how the study came about (e.g., hypothesis, discovery or central question) should be clearly stated.
  7. Make sure your abstract includes results. Whether new findings presented in an abstract are experimental or theoretical, specific results MUST be included.
  8. Data must be objectively gathered, analysed and reported. Sample size should be adequate for the study, and where indicated, statistical evaluation should be included.
  9. Data must support the stated conclusion(s).
  10. Tables: authors may include a maximum of one table (of up to ten rows x ten columns) per abstract. Words within the table count towards the total maximum of words allowed.
  11. Pictures/Graphs: authors can include a maximum of 1 picture/graph.


How to Write a Scientific Abstract:


Abstract Template: *.DOCX


Character Limit/Word Count

  1. The abstract text is limited to 2,800 characters, including spaces (~400 words). This limit includes the body of the abstract only. If your abstract exceeds this limit, you will be prompted to shorten it before being allowed to continue.
  2. The abstract title is limited to 200 characters, including spaces.
  3. There is no character limit for your authors or author affiliations.


You will have 15 minutes time for your presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

The length of your presentation may not exceed 15 minutes. Chairs of the session will advise you when you have 3 minutes and 1 minute remaining.

At the day of your presentation

Check in at the speaker preparation room at least one hour before your session commences and provide a copy of your presentation to the technical staff. All presentations must be uploaded latest 30 minutes before the first speaker begins.

If you wish to incorporate videos in your presentation, make sure you check that it works at the computers at the venue well beforehand.

The room is equipped with a laptop, projector and screen. A microphone for the speaker and a second microphone is available in room.



The  posters are displayed in the poster area of the congress.  The poster session will feature various topics and has a duration of  90 minutes. The poster presenter is requested to be at her/his poster during the presentation time. All paper posters can be submitted also as an ePoster to be shown on all two congress days via web. Please note: strict adherence to mounting and removal times is required.  Also the technical requirements for size and layout of the poster have to be fulfilled.

The living Lab session will run at the same time as the poster session in laboratories, will give the opportunity to practically experience those materials and technologies and to analyse with the developers the efficacy and efficiency of their application in the field of cultural heritage. The materials for the exhibit can be send before (please send an e-mail to




Do I need to register if I am a presenter?
Yes, all presenters need to register by 15 October and pay the registration fee.

Can I make changes to my abstract?
No. Changes to abstracts are possible only before 15 October

When and where can I upload my presentation?
Please upload your presentation at least one hour before your session starts.

Can I change the presenting author of my abstract?
Yes, you can. Please send an e-mail to  with the name of the old presenter, the session, the abstract, and the name of the new presenter.