Board of YOCOCU Nominations 2024


Foto LM

Livia Marinelli

Conservator, researcher, contemporary art, collections, managemen

Francesca Irene Barbaccia

Conservation scientist, PhD, innovative coatings, corrosion, sustainability


Lisa Maria Schuberthan

Preventive Conservation, risk management, conservation of plastic, onternational, collection cure

Fiammetta Susanna

Archaeology, Mediterranean, Archaeometry, Metals, Religion

Benedetta Paolino

Art Conservator, PhD, green Chemistry, Sustainability, paintings

Fernanda Prestileo

Conservation scientist, preventive conservation, green conservation, microclimate monitoring, climate change


Andrea Macchia

Conservation Scientist, Green Chemistry and Solvents, Scientific advocacy and Comunication

Paola Carnazza

Modern and contemporary art, conservator, art historian, museum collections, site specific installations

Paola Moretti

Conservator and conservation scientist, Urban Art

Irene Angela Colasanti

Conservation scientist, cultural heritage diagnostics, green chemistry, PhD student.