BARBIE Conservation BEAUTY club

June 13, 2023

ICCROM – International Center for the study of the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage | Via di SAn Michele 13, Rome

The event aims to focus the attention on the conservation of PVC-based contemporary artworks and using as an example an icon of modern society namely the Mattel doll “Barbie”. The workshop will delve into the mechanisms of PVC degradation, possible cleaning and protection treatments in order to limit plasticizer leakage, through theoretical notions and a hands-on workshop in which an innovative film-forming substance designed and optimized by YOCOCU APS for the protection of plastics will be presented.

Theory session (9.30-12.30). List of Speeches:

Saluti introduttivi ICCROM & YOCOCU

 A. Hansen, Problematiche di Conservazione delle plastiche: esperienze dal Museo PLART

L. M. Schuberthan, La plastica in ambiente museale.

P. Carnazza, B. Intiso, “Struttura”, 1968 di Franco Cannilla, Plexiglas. Caso studio per test di pulitura e risanamento graffi

E. Cervelli, Conservare una scultura in polimetilmetacrilato serigrafato.

L. Marinelli, Il degrado delle Barbie Mattel (1956-1976).

S. Francone, Arte gonfiabile: problemi di conservazione dei film in PVC.

F. I. Barbaccia, Innovativo coating per limitare la migrazione del plastificante da supporti in PVC.

Domande e discussione


Practical session (14.00-17.00)

Laboratorio pratico per il trattamento conservativo del PVC con sostanze filmogene green (YOCOCU).


The event is free and limited to a number of 50 attendees.

The participants will be divided in two different groups of 25 people each.

In the morning, the first group will attend the theoretical session while the second team will take part to the practical session in laboratory.

In the afternoon the two groups will switch the activities.


YOCOCU APS partners and their guests will have priority access to the initiative. Registration is mandatory by: June, 7 2023

at the following link:


For any enquiry please contact:aps[at]