Special solutions for a more sustainable conservation of cultural heritage, based on respect for the operator and the environment.


To update students and professionals according to the newest trends and to actively contribute to present and future society.


Experimentation and development of new methods for the knowledge, the protection and the enhancement of cultural heritage. 


Scientific ad hoc analyses for cultural heritage through the use of sophisticated instrumentation using cutting-edge technology.


Beni Culturali: Cogito, ergo sum

Promuovi te stesso all’interno dei Beni culturali Iscriviti Riesci a distinguerti nel settore dei beni culturali? Riesci a comunicare efficacemente la tua competenza o il

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Why Choose Us

A Unique Occasion

Engage with numerous themes and realities (sport, science, museums, art, restoration...) on a daily basis. Help define a revolutionary approach to the conservation of cultural heritage.

A Real Exchange

Sit at the same table as leading professionals and experts in the field of cultural heritage and enjoy a continuous and real exchange of skills and experiences.

Our Experience

Become a protagonist. Partecipate to innovative reaserch and conservation and valoration projects. See, touch and use even very expensive scientific equipment and let yourself be supported, day after day, by an expert tutor.


Become a member and enjoy a world of benefits and exclusive discounts.


A large digital archive available free of charge to our members, containing hundreds of articles, videos and scientific publications on the world of science and cultural heritage.

Our Records

GREEN CONSERVATION: the first in Italy to implement a green conservation and restoration approach to cultural heritage. URBAN ART CONSERVATION: a new view to preserve and to promote the murales.

Latest News

AIES NETWORKING EVENT: XII Convegno “Diagnosi, conservazione e valorizzazione del patrimonio culturale”

L’evento online organizzato nell’ambito del XII Convegno AIES è promosso da IEMEST, dal Cluster ECODOMUS e YOCOCU.  Attraverso la raccolta di brevi video di presentazione di sé stessi e della propria attività, si intende stimolare lo scambio di know how tra ricerca e industria, produttori e utilizzatori finali, promovendo il networking e le opportunità di
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THE NEW SCIENTIFIC TRIALS The dissemination activities of the YOCOCU APS group resume. After the great successes of the previous years, strengthened by the experiences with the activities of different realities operating in the territory of Rome, such as “Chemists for an hour”, the Spectacular Chemistry group and I Gatti del Foro, we can propose
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New international agreement between YOCOCU and West University of Timișoara, Faculty of Arts and Design, CR-CERC; International Course Green Methods and products for restoration and cultural heritage 27-28 September 2021

Intensive Laboratory Course: Green methods and products for the restoration  of cultural heritage  27-28 september 2021 Green methods and products for the restoration of cultural heritage27, 28 september 2021 Green methods and products for the restoration of cultural heritage27, 28 september 2021 Green methods and products for the restoration of cultural heritage27, 28 september 2021 Green
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Our Volunteersn


Photography, Restoration, Technology, Investigation, Science


Communication, Creativity, Strategy, Curiosity


Restoration, Paper Materials, Graphic Techniques, Contemporary and Research


Cultural heritage, Preventive conservation, Enhancement, Diagnostics, Experimentation

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