Professional opportunity in Nocera Inferiore


YOCOCU, in collaboration with the Association “Ridiamo Vita al Castello”, is offering a volunteer and practical professional opportunity to early and mid-career professionals to participate activistly to the restoration of frescos paintings in Nocera Inferiore (SA) representing three Saint Apostles (Peter, Andrew and John).

The opportunity is aimed to:

  1. promote a mutual understanding and exchange in the restoration of cultural heritage;
  2. get up-to-date professionally on new methodologies from green conservation;
  3. develop your skills using the practice in a real context and responsibility;
  4. make an impact sharing your skills and experience with high level Italian professionals;
  5. contribute to a beautiful project capable to enjoy professionals, students in the cultural heritage, citizen and schools’ students.

The conservation project will be managed by Stella Cascioli (Restorer) in collaboration with Laura Rivaroli (Restorer), Raffaella Greca (Restorer), Andrea Macchia (Conservation scientists) and other professionals, and will be attended by University of Calabria with the participation of six students of the second year of the conservation and restoration University course in Cosenza.

Each participant will take part in the different stages of restoration and will also contribute to the dissemination of the project. Moreover, the participant will be introducing to some scientific methods to define the main characteristics and deterioration phenomena of the materials. The fellowship activity and results will be showed using ICT.

The opportunity is unpaid. However, the costs of food, accommodation and insurance will be covered by YOCOCU.


Applicants must hold (or be about to complete) a degree or equivalent in restoration of stone material and surfaces decorate (fresco/mural painting restoration).

The documentation to be submitted (in PDF format) to (Deadline 21st April 2021) including:

  1. Curriculum vitae and studiorum
  2. Valid identity document
  3. Photograph
  4. Cover letter

The application will be accepted based on the compatibility of the profile for the Nocera Inferiore Project.


10 Days. At the end, a Certification will be released.

More info: